Savoy Resident Card

Being a Savoy Resident is being part of the Savoy Signature family

When you become the owner of a Savoy Residence unit you will have the privilege to subscribe to the Savoy Resident card and become part of the Savoy Signature family.

More than just a document, the Savoy Resident card is a key that opens the door to a world of rewards: free access to services and areas available only for the Savoy Signature hotel collection guests, including swimming pools, Jacuzzis, gyms and bars (excluded only the Jacarandá Lounge & Club, the Premium Solarium and The Club at Saccharum).

You are also entitled to several discounts: 20% off on foods and drinks at all the Savoy Signature hotels and restaurants collection, 20% off on laundry services and spas (treatments and products), as well as daily free pass to the Savoy Signature swimming pools and sea accesses.

You will also be entitled to a 20% discount on several important services, such as cleaning, catering, and small maintenance and repair services. It also includes delivery and pick-up from the Savoy Palace’s laundry.

Being a Savoy Resident also means being a special member of this family, with the right to an invitation to the Saccharum Sessions and other events selected from the Savoy Signature collection, as well as the offer of room rental for birthday parties in the different hotels.

And all these benefits are not limited to those whose name is on the document! With the exception for the Savoy Palace, the Savoy Resident cardholder may take guests to the common areas of Savoy Signature collection hotels, including the swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, bars and the rooftop lounge – Upon payment of an amount corresponding to the price of one night’s stay (price per person).


Because its history is also ours

A brand that is also a signature, present in all of the Savoy Signature hotel collection.

We are unique in what we build, in the experiences we offer, in the stories we help to write bringing its characters to life. More than a hotel, we are home, we are a memory book, we are a dream came true, we are the story that each guest wants to narrate.

Our brand is our fingerprint, made of many fingerprints of all who pass through here and all who work here. It is our signature. It is our DNA.

We are Savoy Signature. Come and add your story to ours.