Living in Madeira

A Paradise in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean

Madeira Island is more than just a piece of land surrounded by the sea. It is indeed a small universe that encloses a unique forest with a World Heritage classification. Here you’ll find just about anything you can find elsewhere – nature, beach, picturesque villages, heritage, culture and tradition. In Madeira Island, you simply connect with all of it on a deeper more meaningful level.

A Safe Haven for residents, travellers and investors

A few hours away from the main European capitals, many of which with direct flights, Madeira Island offers an unparalleled experience to those who visit, but also, and above all, to those who choose to live here. A safe region sought after by digital nomads and tourists from all over the world, the island offers numerous financial attractions. For those wishing to invest, Madeira Island will be one of the few regions in Portugal where, as of 2022, Residence Permits for Investment Activity (ARI) – “Gold Visas” – will continue to be granted to foreign citizens who acquire real estate for residential purposes.

A Charming Historical Island

The ideal destination for those who like an urban, modern ambience, made even more interesting with 600 years of History, Madeira Island offers a mild climate all year round and an entertainment programme that is a world-renowned tourist attraction – the well-known end-of-year fireworks show, for example, has earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records.
Nature is the archipelago’s greatest symbol, from the well-known levadas to nature reserves and dreamy boat trips. Also a destination for sports enthusiasts, golf takes centre stage with three renowned courses that host a number of international tournaments: one in the city of Funchal, another in Santo da Serra, about 30 minutes from the centre, and the third on the island of Porto Santo.

Breathing in the immensity of the ocean in the city centre

In Funchal, the capital city, you can feel a strong cosmopolitan flavour around. A city facing the sea in an unparalleled natural amphitheatre, Funchal follows the pattern as one of Europe’s capitals. Combining almost six centuries of history in monuments and heritage with the best the modern world has to offer, you’ll find shops, high-end buildings and restaurants with international reputations.