The essential is in the details

In Savoy Residence | Insular there are 49 apartments, set apart according their size and the location in the building, while sharing several underlying common concepts. In each one stands out the details and quality of construction and design, the nobility of the materials and architectural innovation. Nothing was left to chance. The areas and rooms, the unobstructed sea views, the private pools in the penthouse apartments, the gardened areas and the panoramic terrace views. It’s a world of unique details conceived to satisfy every desire.

Apartments from T0 to T4

The Savoy Residence | Insular brings to Madeira Island a new concept of modern sophistication. We want the personalities of our residents to stand out in the choice of both apartments and buildings. We want each home to be true to each one’s imagination with innovation, quality and differentiation. We want to create a new urbanity, unique and original. Come and be part of Insular and your new city.

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Explore all the typologies that Savoy Residence Insular has so you can find your dream home. From T0 to T4, Loft, Duplex and Triplex.