The future rises from legacy in the
heart of the city

More than a project, a new way of LIVING

Choosing a home is a life choice. And choosing the Savoy Residence | Insular is choosing Funchal and one of its most emblematic quarters. Here, Madeira Island’s history is combined with sophistication and modernity, while you overlook a unique sea front alongside the particularities of a city with six centuries of traditions. Come and live Funchal. Be Insular.

49 apartments 13 commercial areas
T1 to T3 and Loft (duplex) 81 parking spaces
solarium gardens
communal and private pools doorman and security 24h

Largo do Pelourinho / Rua Visconde de Anadia / Travessa da Malta



Explore all the different apartments that Savoy Residence | Insular has to meet your dream home. From T1 to T3 and Loft (duplex)​.


Enter in a development that is more than just a residential building. Here you will find innovative layouts tailored to your desires. From duplex and triplex for families, through large lofts full of natural light, to apartments with outdoor areas or those with a private pool.

Project Insular

Choose to live in a unique way

The architectural heritage returns to the city

The first buildings to come to life are the ones that show up in the foreground along Avenida do Mar, next to the archaeological remains of the Fort of São Filipe. This series of houses will be restored according to the original design, ensuring that the architectural heritage of Funchal is kept alive. In the recovered houses there will be space for housing and commerce, thus recovering the reality of other eras.


The Companhia Insular de Moinhos Mill was built in 1929/30 on the block between Rua Visconde do Anadia, Largo do Pelourinho and Travessa da Malta. From the beginning, the building stood out from the other neighboring buildings and from the city. Its volumetry and height, as well as the large windows occupying the front facade, have always made it unique. In the early 90’s of the XX century, with the transfer of the company to the Industrial Free Trade Zone, the old manufacturing facilities in the city center were deactivated, maintaining, however, its imposing and distinctive look. Now is the time to make it reborn in the XXI century and open its doors to new residents.


Bringing an iconic space into the 21st century

The Insular quarter resides in the Madeirans’ collective memory, defining a space that doesn’t go unnoticed to those who visit Funchal. The Savoy Residence | Insular will embody the history of the ancient buildings that once stood there, paying them a well-deserved tribute and bring them into the present day as a renewed centrality. This is its town. This is its history and its future.

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